World postal code is a postcode we can call it by other name is the Global postal code. It is a series include alphanumeric or both and the alpha must to follow the rule of world postal association. World postal code determind to the dilivery and recivering of a product, leter , postal from any city district in a national or it is from other country. Below is a summary the postal code all of contrys in the world. You can find and search the postal code by the below link:

Geopostcode worldwide


Việt Nam Postal Code China Postal Code  Việt Nam Postal Code  Việt Nam Postal Code

To understand clearly about the portal code you can refer to some questions and answer relate to post code as below.

What is a country postal code?

A postal code of a country in the world that was show as postcode, post code, PIN or ZIP Code. It is a series of alpha or numbers or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation for making a postal address with the purpose of searching and sorting email.

Is postal code Global?

The Global Postal Code is higher resolution than any other code. That is assigned to every mailing address in the world, with a letter can be sorted from the world level(Global postal code) to the final address (countrycode) automatically

What is a zip code?

A zip code is A code system prescribed by a global postal association, to help confirm the location when delivering mail or parcels or to declare information when users make purchases on international websites that require it. Postal code.

Do all countries have a zip code?

Most countries will have a zip code is different. It was made automaticly on system. which indicates the delivery zone that When a letter is sent to a country, it needs to get incorrectly information about addressed and with the postcode in the position required by that country.